Latte 14 fl oz.
ZICO Pure Premium Coconut Water, Latte.


Only a barista-slash-health nut could dream up a drink as delicious as a latte and as hydrating as coconut water. The ZICO Latte flavored Pure Premium Coconut Water from concentrate has 5 electrolytes, including potassium and natural caffeine from coffee, and is a naturally dairy-free beverage. It also has 50% less sugar and calories per ounce than the leading bottled blended coffee drinks—making it a smart, delicious way to get your Oomph. Wake up and smell the hydration.
  • 14 FL OZ.
    (Pack of 12)
    14 FL OZ.<br />(Pack of 12) 14 FL OZ. Bottles
    (Pack of 12)
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